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  • Plum launches Spend Tracker feature

    Plum launches Spend Tracker feature

    London, UK – April 10, 2023 Plum, the innovative finance management app, has announced the launch of its new Spend Tracker feature, empowering users to take control of their spending habits and make informed financial decisions. The Spend Tracker, an intuitive tool integrated into the Plum app, provides users with a comprehensive overview of their…

  • Plum partnered with Eurobank

    Plum partnered with Eurobank

    London,‍ UK – June 1, 2022 Plum, the leading mobile​ banking app that helps people save and invest effortlessly, is pleased to ‍announce its partnership with Eurobank, a major European banking institution. The collaboration aims to provide customers with​ enhanced‍ financial⁢ services and innovative digital solutions. With the ever-evolving digital landscape and the ​growing demand…

  • Plum launches Plum Interest

    Plum launches Plum Interest

    Introducing Plum Interest: The Financial Tool You’ve Been Waiting For Plum, the innovative fintech company, is excited to announce the launch of Plum Interest – the latest addition to their suite of financial tools. Plum Interest aims to revolutionize the way you manage and grow your savings like never before. What is Plum Interest? Plum…