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  • Flagright partners with Manigo

    Flagright partners with Manigo

    Flagright, a leading provider of flagging solutions for businesses, has announced a new partnership with Manigo, a global leader in digital payment solutions. This exciting collaboration will allow both companies to offer a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses manage their flagging and payment needs more efficiently. Enhanced Flagging Solutions Flagright’s flagging solutions are…

  • Manigo partners with SurePay

    Manigo partners with SurePay

    London, UK – In an exciting move, financial technology firm Manigo ⁣has announced a strategic partnership with SurePay, ⁢a leading payment⁣ solutions provider. This collaboration ⁤aims to revolutionize the way people handle their finances by offering innovative digital payment⁤ solutions. Manigo, known for its cutting-edge ‍digital ​banking platform, has made significant‌ strides in delivering seamless…