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  • EPI acquires iDEAL and Payconiq International

    EPI acquires iDEAL and Payconiq International

    ⁣ In a groundbreaking move, European Payments Initiative (EPI) has announced the acquisition​ of iDEAL and Payconiq International, two ‌leading fintech companies in⁤ the payments industry. This strategic decision will‌ solidify EPI’s presence in the European ⁣ ‍market while‍ enhancing⁢ its capabilities ⁣to provide secure, ‌convenient, and ​innovative payment solutions to millions of customers. Expanding…

  • iDEAL partners with in3

    iDEAL partners with in3

    ‍ Exciting news in the world of online payments! iDEAL, the popular online ⁢payment method in⁣ the Netherlands, has announced a new partnership with⁣ in3, a leading e-commerce payment⁤ solution provider. Both⁤ companies aim to simplify the online⁢ shopping ⁣experience, offering more flexible payment options ⁤to Dutch consumers. This strategic collaboration will‌ enable users to…