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  • NIPL signs a MoU with Greek bank Eurobank

    NIPL signs a MoU with Greek bank Eurobank

    NIPL, a leading‍ financial technology company, has recently signed a ‍Memorandum​ of Understanding (MoU) with ⁣Eurobank,⁤ one of the largest banks in Greece. ⁤This strategic partnership aims to‍ enhance⁤ the digital banking experience for ‌customers and drive innovation in the financial ‌services industry. Key Highlights of the MoU: Collaboration on developing innovative​ digital payment solutions…

  • Plum partnered with Eurobank

    Plum partnered with Eurobank

    London,‍ UK – June 1, 2022 Plum, the leading mobile​ banking app that helps people save and invest effortlessly, is pleased to ‍announce its partnership with Eurobank, a major European banking institution. The collaboration aims to provide customers with​ enhanced‍ financial⁢ services and innovative digital solutions. With the ever-evolving digital landscape and the ​growing demand…