Uber partners with Mastercard and Payfare

Uber partners with Mastercard and Payfare

Uber Partners with Mastercard and Payfare

Uber has officially announced a partnership with Mastercard and fintech company Payfare to provide drivers with more financial services and benefits. This collaboration aims to improve the financial well-being of Uber drivers who rely on the platform for their income.

With this partnership, Uber drivers will have access to a co-branded debit card from Mastercard, which will be powered by Payfare. This card will enable drivers to receive their earnings in real-time, access cash-back rewards, and receive discounts on various products and services.

In addition to the debit card, drivers will also have access to a suite of financial planning tools and resources that will help them better manage their finances and save for the future. This includes budgeting tools, savings goals, and personalized financial advice.

Uber has stated that this partnership is part of their ongoing commitment to supporting their driver community and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. By partnering with Mastercard and Payfare, Uber is able to offer a comprehensive suite of financial services that will benefit drivers in the long run.

Overall, this partnership between Uber, Mastercard, and Payfare represents a significant step forward in the financial empowerment of gig workers and demonstrates the potential for collaboration between technology companies and financial institutions to create positive change in the industry.