Payplug, CB launch service for e-merchants

Payplug, CB launch service for e-merchants

Payplug and⁤ CB join forces to launch service ​for e-merchants

Exciting news ‌for e-commerce businesses! Payplug and CB have partnered to ⁣create a new service tailored specifically for e-merchants.

What is Payplug?

Payplug is a leading online‍ payment solution that enables businesses to securely accept payments from customers. With ​a user-friendly ​interface and robust security features, Payplug has ‍become a popular choice⁢ for ​e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

Introducing CB

CB, also known as Carte Bancaire, is a leading ‍payment card network⁣ in France. With millions of‌ cardholders, CB is a trusted and widely used ⁢payment method ‌for online transactions.

The partnership

The collaboration between Payplug⁣ and ​CB ​aims to provide e-merchants with a seamless payment experience ⁤for their customers. By combining Payplug’s ⁣innovative payment⁢ technology with CB’s extensive network, ‍e-merchants can offer a secure and convenient payment⁣ process to their customers.

Key features of the service

  • Secure online payments
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Integration with popular e-commerce platforms
  • Support ‌for multiple currencies
  • 24/7⁤ customer support

How to ⁣get started

If you’re an e-merchant looking to improve your online payment process, you can ‍sign up for the Payplug ​and ⁤CB service today. Simply⁢ visit the Payplug website to learn‌ more about the partnership and ​how‍ it can benefit your business.

Stay⁣ tuned for more updates on ‍the Payplug and CB partnership and how ⁤it’s helping e-merchants⁤ succeed in the digital marketplace.