Ocrolus partners with Envestnet|Yodlee

Ocrolus partners with Envestnet|Yodlee

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Ocrolus, a leading fintech company specializing in ‌automating data verification and analysis, has announced ⁢a new partnership ‍with Envestnet|Yodlee, a leading ‌data⁤ aggregation and analytics platform for financial institutions and fintech ‌companies.

This partnership will combine Ocrolus’ powerful document automation technology with Envestnet|Yodlee’s extensive financial⁣ data ⁣capabilities to ​provide customers with‌ a comprehensive solution for streamlining their data verification and analysis processes. By leveraging the strengths of both ⁤companies, ‍clients will benefit from faster⁢ and more accurate financial data processing, enabling them‌ to make more⁣ informed ⁤business decisions.

Envestnet|Yodlee’s data aggregation platform is trusted by thousands‌ of‍ financial institutions and fintech companies worldwide, ‍providing access to ‌over 30 million consumer ⁤accounts. ⁢This partnership with Ocrolus will enhance the platform’s capabilities by integrating ‍document automation technology that can process documents such as ⁢bank statements, pay stubs, and tax⁣ returns with high accuracy and efficiency.

“We‍ are ​excited to partner with Envestnet|Yodlee to offer ⁣a more robust and efficient solution for financial data processing,”‍ said Ocrolus CEO, Sam Bobley. “By combining our technology‍ with ​their industry-leading platform, we can deliver a truly comprehensive and innovative‌ solution for our customers.”

This partnership is expected to benefit a wide range⁤ of industries, including banking, lending, mortgage, and insurance, by providing a more streamlined and accurate process for verifying and analyzing financial ⁢data. Customers can⁢ expect to see improvements in data accuracy, processing ‍speed, and overall efficiency,​ ultimately ⁤leading to better business outcomes.

Overall,⁤ the partnership between Ocrolus and Envestnet|Yodlee represents⁣ a ⁤significant step forward ⁤in the evolution‍ of financial‌ data processing technology, and is poised to deliver tangible benefits‌ to customers across industries.