Mox partners with Wise

Mox partners with Wise

Wise logoMox, a leading financial technology company, has announced a new partnership with Wise, formerly known as TransferWise. This collaboration will allow Mox customers to send money internationally with low fees and exchange rates that are up to 7x cheaper than traditional banks.

Wise is revolutionizing the way people send money abroad by cutting out the middleman and using real, mid-market exchange rates. This means that customers can save money on each transaction and have more control over their finances.

With this partnership, Mox customers can now seamlessly transfer money to over 80 countries around the world. Whether they are paying bills, sending money to family members, or making international purchases, Wise makes it easy and affordable.

Benefits of partnering with Wise

  • Low fees
  • Real exchange rates
  • Fast transfers
  • Transparent pricing

How to start using Wise with Mox

To start using Wise with your Mox account, simply log in to your Mox app and select the Wise option. You can then link your Wise account and start sending money internationally in minutes.

Don’t miss out on this exciting partnership between Mox and Wise. Save money on your international transactions and enjoy a seamless cross-border payment experience today!