Huck’s adds touchless payments for fleets

Huck’s adds touchless payments for fleets

Leading fuel provider Huck’s has announced the introduction of touchless payment options for fleet customers at its locations. This new feature aims to make the fueling process more convenient and seamless for fleet managers and drivers.

With the touchless payment option, fleet vehicles can now fuel up without the need to handle cash or cards at the pump. This not only saves time but also promotes safety by minimizing contact between individuals during the transaction.

Huck’s touchless payment system is designed to be easy to use for fleet customers. Upon arrival at the pump, drivers simply need to select the touchless payment option, authorize the transaction, and fuel up. The payment is automatically processed, eliminating the need for physical interaction with payment terminals.

For fleet managers, the touchless payment system offers added convenience and control. They can easily monitor and manage fueling expenses, track vehicle usage, and set spending limits directly from their online account. This helps streamline the fuel management process and ensures efficient operations for the fleet.

In addition to touchless payments, Huck’s also offers a range of other services for fleet customers, including fleet fuel cards, fuel management tools, and access to a large network of fueling locations. These offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of fleet operators and help them optimize their fueling operations.

Overall, Huck’s touchless payments for fleets represent a major step forward in enhancing the fueling experience for commercial customers. By leveraging innovative technology and customer-centric solutions, Huck’s continues to set new standards in the fueling industry.

For more information about Huck’s touchless payment options and other services for fleets, visit their website or contact their customer service team.