Airbase partners with Sardine to fight fraud

Airbase partners with Sardine to fight fraud

Airbase, a leading provider of spend management solutions, has announced a partnership with Sardine, a fraud detection and prevention company, to enhance‍ their fraud detection capabilities.

Airbase and Sardine logos

What‍ does this partnership mean for Airbase customers?

By partnering with Sardine, Airbase will be able to offer its customers an added layer of security to protect against fraudulent activities.‌ Sardine’s advanced AI technology can detect patterns and anomalies in financial transactions, ⁢helping to ⁤identify and prevent suspicious activity⁤ before it‍ causes any ‍harm.

How ⁣will this partnership benefit Airbase and Sardine?

For Airbase, this partnership means increased trust and confidence from their customers, as they will be able to offer them ‍a⁢ more secure ⁣and reliable⁢ platform for managing their spending. This can help Airbase attract more customers and grow their ⁢business.

For Sardine, partnering with Airbase will give them access to a larger⁤ customer base and help them expand their reach in the market. By integrating‍ their fraud detection technology with Airbase’s platform, Sardine can showcase the effectiveness of their solution and build credibility in the industry.


The partnership between Airbase and Sardine is a win-win situation for both companies and their customers. By joining ⁣forces, they​ are able to provide a more comprehensive and ‍secure⁤ solution for managing spending and detecting fraud.⁣ This collaboration⁤ highlights the importance of partnerships ⁣in the fight⁣ against fraud and the⁤ value of leveraging technology to enhance security measures.