Wasabi introduces White Label OEM Program

Wasabi introduces White Label OEM Program

Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company known for its disruptive pricing and revolutionary technology, has announced the launch of its White Label OEM Program. This program allows third-party companies to incorporate Wasabi’s cloud storage technology into their own products and services, branding it as their own.

With the White Label OEM Program, companies can benefit from Wasabi’s industry-leading storage technology without having to invest in building their own infrastructure. This can help companies to save on costs and time, while still offering their customers a high-quality cloud storage solution.

Wasabi’s CEO David Friend commented, “We are excited to launch our White Label OEM Program, which will allow us to partner with a wide range of companies to bring our innovative cloud storage technology to even more users. By leveraging our technology, companies can offer their customers a secure, reliable, and cost-effective storage solution.”

Companies that join the White Label OEM Program will have access to Wasabi’s secure and scalable cloud storage platform, as well as its robust API for seamless integration. They will also benefit from Wasabi’s industry-leading data protection measures, including encryption at rest and in transit.

Interested companies can learn more about the White Label OEM Program and apply to join by visiting the official program page.