SurePay launches new functionality on UK CoP

SurePay launches new functionality on UK CoP

SurePay, a leading provider of payment solutions, has announced the launch of new functionality on the UK Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service. This new functionality aims to enhance security and efficiency in the payment process for SurePay’s customers.

The CoP service is a tool that helps prevent fraudulent payments by confirming the name of the payee before a payment is made. With the new functionality introduced by SurePay, customers will now be able to verify payee details in real-time, ensuring that payments are made securely and accurately.

SurePay CoP functionality

Furthermore, SurePay’s new functionality includes additional features such as automatic payee verification and alerts for potential payment errors. This will provide customers with peace of mind and streamline the payment process, ultimately saving time and reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Overall, the launch of this new functionality on the CoP service demonstrates SurePay’s commitment to enhancing the security and efficiency of payments for its customers. With these added features, customers can now make payments with confidence, knowing that their transactions are secure and accurate.