Softpay integrates BankAxept

Softpay integrates BankAxept

Softpay, a leading provider of payment solutions, has announced the integration of BankAxept into its platform. BankAxept is a widely used payment system in Norway, known for its secure and efficient transactions.

This integration will allow Softpay’s customers to accept BankAxept payments seamlessly, providing a convenient and reliable payment option for consumers in Norway. With BankAxept integration, Softpay is expanding its reach and offering more flexibility to businesses looking to cater to Norwegian customers.

BankAxept is a debit card payment system that is preferred by many consumers in Norway due to its low fees and high security standards. By integrating BankAxept into its platform, Softpay is creating new opportunities for businesses to attract and retain customers in the Norwegian market.

Softpay’s integration of BankAxept reflects its commitment to providing innovative payment solutions that meet the needs of its customers. With this integration, businesses using Softpay can now offer a wider range of payment options to their customers, improving their overall shopping experience.

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