Socure partners with Trustly

Socure partners with Trustly

Socure, a leading provider of digital identity ⁣verification solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Trustly, a global leader in online banking payments. This partnership ‌will enable Socure to enhance its identity verification capabilities by incorporating Trustly’s secure payment services into its platform.

Benefits of the partnership:

  • Improved security: By leveraging Trustly’s payment services, Socure⁢ will be able to strengthen the security of its identity verification processes, ensuring that customer data is protected at all times.
  • Streamlined user experience:⁤ The integration of Trustly’s payment services will make it⁢ easier ‍for users to verify their identities online, reducing friction and increasing conversion rates.
  • Global reach: Trustly’s⁢ extensive network​ of ⁣banking partners will allow Socure to expand⁢ its reach and offer ⁣its services ‍to a wider range of customers‌ around the world.

Speaking about the partnership, Socure CEO Johnny ‍Ayers said, “We are excited to collaborate with Trustly to bring our customers the ⁤most​ advanced and secure identity ‍verification solutions on the market. By combining our expertise, we will be ⁣able to deliver a seamless and ‌secure user experience to our clients.”

This partnership comes at a time when online identity verification is more important than ever, ⁤with increasing instances of identity theft and fraud.⁣ By joining forces with ⁢Trustly, Socure ⁤is ‌taking proactive steps to ensure the security and integrity of its platform, protecting both ‍customers and businesses from​ potential threats.

Overall, the partnership between Socure and Trustly promises to bring⁣ new innovations and ⁤improvements to the field of digital identity verification, providing‌ users with a safer and more convenient way to verify their identities online.

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