FIS acquires Torstone Technology

FIS acquires Torstone Technology

Exciting news in‍ the financial technology industry as FIS announces the acquisition of Torstone Technology, ‍a leading provider of post-trade securities and derivatives processing technology.

Benefits of the acquisition

  • Enhanced⁢ capabilities: With Torstone’s advanced post-trade processing‍ solutions, FIS ‍will be able to⁤ offer a more comprehensive suite of services to its clients.
  • Expanded reach: The acquisition will help FIS expand its footprint in the securities and derivatives processing market, allowing the company to ⁣serve⁣ a larger customer base.
  • Increased efficiency: Torstone’s technology is known for its efficiency and scalability, allowing FIS to streamline its operations and provide ⁢better‍ service to its ‍clients.

Quotes from industry ‍leaders

“We are excited to welcome Torstone⁢ Technology to the FIS ‍family. This‌ acquisition will position us as a leader‌ in post-trade processing ⁣and allow us to deliver even more value to‌ our ‍clients.” – CEO of ⁢FIS

“Joining ⁢forces with FIS will allow us to accelerate our ⁢growth and innovation, benefiting⁣ both our clients and our employees.” – CEO of⁣ Torstone Technology

Stay tuned for more updates on how the⁣ acquisition⁢ of Torstone‍ Technology will impact the ⁣financial technology industry.