Till Payments partners with Velocity Frequent Flyer

Till Payments partners with Velocity Frequent Flyer

Exciting news for frequent flyers! Till ⁤Payments, a ‍leading ⁢payment technology ⁣provider,‍ has announced a partnership with Velocity Frequent Flyer, one ‍of Australia’s most popular loyalty programs.

Through this partnership, Velocity Frequent Flyer ⁤members ⁣will now be‌ able to earn points on their everyday business expenses when they use​ Till Payments’ innovative payment solutions.

Steven Hui, CEO of Till Payments, expressed his ⁣enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to‌ be partnering with⁤ Velocity Frequent Flyer to provide their members with more opportunities to‍ earn points. Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to earn rewards on their payments, and this partnership is a great step ‍towards achieving that.”

Velocity Frequent Flyer ​members can now earn points on​ a wide range of transactions, including payments made through Till Payments’ virtual terminals, POS systems, and online payment gateways.

This collaboration between ‌Till Payments and Velocity ⁤Frequent Flyer highlights the increasing importance of⁤ loyalty programs in driving customer engagement and retention. By offering additional ways for members to earn rewards, businesses‍ can strengthen their relationships with customers and encourage repeat purchases.

So,​ if you’re a Velocity Frequent Flyer member looking to ⁣boost your points balance, consider using Till Payments ​for your payment processing needs. With the ability to earn points⁤ on every⁤ transaction, you’ll ⁣be one step closer to your ‌next dream destination!