StanChart’s audax partners with Thought Machine

StanChart’s audax partners with Thought Machine

Standard Chartered’s‍ digital banking platform, audax, ​has announced a new partnership​ with Thought Machine, a leading ‌provider of cloud-native core ​banking technology.⁣ This collaboration aims to revolutionize ⁤the banking industry by delivering⁤ cutting-edge, ⁤secure, and flexible ⁣banking‍ solutions.

What is audax?

audax is Standard‍ Chartered’s digital banking platform that empowers customers to manage their finances easily and ‍securely⁤ anytime,⁤ anywhere. ⁢With a ​user-friendly interface and advanced features, audax sets a new standard for digital banking.

Why partner with Thought Machine?

Thought Machine’s core banking technology, ‍Vault, is built on cloud-native principles, allowing banks to modernize their infrastructure ​quickly and efficiently. By partnering with Thought Machine, audax can leverage Vault’s scalability and flexibility to deliver a superior ⁣digital banking experience to its customers.

The benefits of the partnership

By joining forces with Thought‍ Machine, audax can offer a range‍ of benefits to its‍ customers, including:

  • Enhanced security: Thought Machine’s technology is designed with security‍ at its core, ensuring that customer data remains safe and protected.
  • Improved flexibility: Vault’s cloud-native architecture enables audax to adapt quickly to⁢ changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • Seamless integration: The partnership with​ Thought Machine streamlines audax’s ⁤operations, making it easier for customers to access and manage their accounts.

Looking to the future

With ‌the partnership between ⁣audax and⁣ Thought Machine, Standard ⁢Chartered is poised to lead the digital ‍banking​ revolution. By combining⁣ audax’s innovative platform with Thought Machine’s ‌cutting-edge technology, the ‍two ​companies are‌ set to reshape the financial services landscape for years to come.