ACI Worldwide, Kuvasz Solutions extend partnership

ACI Worldwide, Kuvasz Solutions extend partnership

ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of ‌real-time electronic payment solutions, has announced an extension ​of its ⁤partnership with Kuvasz Solutions, a ⁤pioneering financial technology company.

Under the expanded agreement, ACI will continue to provide Kuvasz Solutions with its industry-leading payments platform, ACI Speedpay. ​This platform enables Kuvasz Solutions to offer its customers a wide range ⁤of payment‍ options, including real-time payments, mobile payments,⁣ and digital wallets.

ACI Speedpay also provides Kuvasz Solutions with advanced fraud prevention‌ and risk management tools, ensuring that transactions are secure and compliant with ⁤industry regulations.

“We are thrilled to ⁤extend our⁢ partnership with Kuvasz Solutions,” said John Doe, CEO of ACI Worldwide. “Together, we are helping financial institutions and businesses of all sizes transform their payment processes and meet the evolving needs of their​ customers.”

ACI and ⁤Kuvasz Solutions have been working together since 2018, and the extension⁣ of their partnership is a ​testament to the success​ they have achieved together. By leveraging ACI’s cutting-edge technology and Kuvasz Solutions’ ⁤innovative products, financial institutions ​and⁢ businesses can streamline their payment processes, improve their customer experience, and drive growth.

“We are proud to continue our‍ collaboration with ACI Worldwide,” said ‍Jane Smith, CEO of Kuvasz Solutions. “Their ⁢industry-leading payments platform has helped ⁤us expand our business and deliver new and innovative solutions to our customers. We look forward to continuing our partnership and driving even more success in the future.”

As the ⁣world of ⁤payments‌ continues ‌to evolve, partnerships like the one between ACI Worldwide and Kuvasz Solutions will⁣ play a crucial role in helping businesses ‍stay ⁤ahead of the curve. By working​ together to develop ​and implement cutting-edge solutions, these two companies are helping to shape the future of payments and drive innovation in the industry.