Propel launches an Embedded Finance infrastructure

Propel launches an Embedded Finance infrastructure

Propel Launches​ an Embedded Finance Infrastructure

Propel, a leading financial technology company, has‌ recently launched an innovative Embedded Finance infrastructure.‍ This platform is designed to revolutionize the way ⁣businesses offer financial services to their customers, making it easier and more convenient than ever before.

What​ is Embedded Finance?

Embedded Finance is a concept that involves integrating financial services directly into non-financial applications or platforms. This allows businesses to offer their customers a‌ seamless and integrated experience, making it easier for them to access financial services without leaving the platform they are already using.

How does Propel’s Embedded Finance infrastructure work?

Propel’s ​Embedded Finance infrastructure is a powerful platform that allows businesses to easily integrate⁣ financial services⁣ into‍ their existing products or ‌services. This includes ⁤payment ​processing, lending, insurance, and more. By leveraging Propel’s infrastructure, businesses can offer their customers a comprehensive suite of financial services without the ‍need to build them‍ from scratch.

Benefits of Propel’s Embedded Finance infrastructure

  • Enhanced customer experience: By offering financial services⁢ directly within their platform, businesses can provide a more seamless and convenient experience for their customers.
  • Increased revenue opportunities: By ‍diversifying their offering‌ to include financial services, businesses can⁤ unlock new revenue streams and drive growth.
  • Reduced time to market: With Propel’s ‍Embedded⁢ Finance infrastructure, ⁤businesses can quickly integrate financial services into their platform, saving time and resources.


Propel’s launch of an Embedded Finance infrastructure represents a major step forward in the financial technology industry. By making it easier for businesses ‍to offer financial services directly within ‌their platform,⁣ Propel ⁢is helping to drive innovation and improve ⁤the overall customer⁣ experience. With​ the Embedded Finance trend⁣ continuing to gain momentum,‌ Propel’s infrastructure is well positioned to help businesses of all sizes succeed in the increasingly digital world.