SIX launches SME Sustainability Assessment Solution with Greenomy

SIX launches SME Sustainability Assessment Solution with Greenomy

SIX, a leading global provider of ‌financial ⁤services, has partnered with Greenomy to launch a new⁢ sustainability assessment solution for small ​and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ⁢The solution aims​ to help SMEs assess and improve their sustainability practices,⁤ ultimately driving positive environmental ​and social impact.

Through this partnership, SMEs‍ will have access to‌ a comprehensive assessment tool‍ that‍ evaluates their sustainability performance​ across various criteria, including environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance practices.⁣ The tool will provide SMEs with actionable insights and‌ recommendations to help them enhance their sustainability efforts.

Greenomy, a​ sustainability consultancy firm, brings its expertise‍ in sustainable business practices to the partnership, ⁤ensuring that‍ the assessment tool is robust and effective in guiding SMEs ‍towards more sustainable operations.

The launch of this sustainability assessment solution ⁢comes at a critical time when businesses of all sizes are‌ increasingly recognizing the importance of⁣ sustainability in‍ driving⁤ long-term success and resilience. SMEs, in particular, play a key role in driving economic​ growth and job creation, making their‍ sustainability practices crucial in building a more sustainable future.

By ‌partnering with Greenomy to offer this ⁢assessment solution, SIX underscores its ⁣commitment to supporting​ SMEs‌ in their sustainability journey and contributing to a more sustainable economy.‌ The solution aligns​ with SIX’s broader sustainability strategy, ​which aims to integrate environmental, social, and governance considerations ​into its ⁢business operations and offerings.

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