iwoca partners with Countingup

iwoca partners with Countingup

iwoca, a leading small business lender, has announced a new partnership ⁤with⁣ Countingup, a business banking and accounting platform. This ⁤collaboration aims to provide small businesses with access to ​a more seamless and integrated ‌financial experience.

Benefits of the Partnership

Through this⁤ partnership, small ​business owners will be able to apply for financing from iwoca directly through the Countingup platform. This streamlined process will ‍help business ⁤owners access the funding they need more quickly and‌ easily.

Furthermore, by connecting their Countingup account with iwoca, business owners can receive more personalized lending offers based on their financial data. This data-driven approach​ ensures that small businesses receive the most appropriate financing options for their specific needs.

About iwoca

iwoca is a​ fintech company that provides ​flexible financing solutions to⁢ small businesses. With⁢ a focus on technology and⁢ innovation, iwoca aims to ⁤make the lending process simpler, faster, and ​more transparent for small business⁢ owners.

About Countingup

Countingup​ is a business banking and accounting platform that combines banking and accounting in one ⁢place.‍ By automating financial tasks⁢ and providing real-time insights, Countingup helps small business owners manage their⁤ finances more efficiently ​and effectively.


The partnership between iwoca and Countingup represents a significant step towards offering small⁢ businesses a more integrated and comprehensive financial ‍solution. By combining lending and banking services, this collaboration makes⁣ it easier for small business owners to⁤ access the tools and resources ‍they need to succeed.