Google Pay app to be retired in US this year

Google Pay app to be retired in US this year

Google has announced that it will be retiring its Google Pay app in the United States later this year. The decision comes as part of Google’s efforts to streamline its payment offerings and focus on its new Google Pay app.

The existing Google Pay app will no longer be available for download starting in April, and existing users will no longer be able to use the app for payments or transfers starting in May. The app will be completely retired by the end of the year.

Users who still have funds in their Google Pay app will need to transfer them to the new Google Pay app or withdraw them to a linked bank account before the app is retired. Google has provided instructions on how to do this to ensure a smooth transition for users.

The new Google Pay app offers a range of features, including the ability to send and receive money, pay for purchases online and in stores, and manage loyalty and reward cards. The app also integrates with Google’s other products and services, making it easier for users to access all of their payment information in one place.

Google has said that the retirement of the old Google Pay app in the US is part of a global effort to unify its payment offerings and provide a more cohesive experience for users. The company has already retired the app in several other countries, including the UK and India, with plans to roll out the retirement in more countries in the coming months.

Overall, this change is aimed at simplifying Google’s payment ecosystem and making it easier for users to manage their money and make transactions securely. While the retirement of the old Google Pay app may require some adjustment for current users, the new app promises to offer a more modern and integrated payment experience.