Repay announces a new technology integration for Sage Intacct

Repay announces a new technology integration for Sage Intacct

Repay, a⁢ leading provider of⁣ integrated ⁢payment processing solutions, has announced a⁣ new technology integration for Sage Intacct, a‍ popular cloud-based financial management software. This integration ‍will allow businesses using Sage Intacct to seamlessly manage their ⁤payments through ​Repay’s innovative platform.

Benefits of the ​integration

One of the key benefits of this‌ integration is⁣ the ability ⁢for businesses to automate their​ payment processes within Sage Intacct. This will streamline operations, ⁢reduce manual ​errors, and improve overall ⁢efficiency. Additionally, businesses will have access to detailed ‍reporting and analytics, providing valuable insights into their payment data.

Features of Repay’s platform

  • Secure payment processing
  • Customizable payment options
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Integration with other financial management systems

Customer testimonials

“We have been using Repay’s payment processing solutions for some⁤ time now, and we are excited about the‌ new integration with Sage Intacct. It has made managing our ⁢payments much easier and more⁣ efficient,” said ‌a​ satisfied customer.

How to get started

If you are a business using​ Sage ⁤Intacct and are interested ⁣in‍ taking advantage of ⁢this‍ integration with Repay, ⁣you can ⁤contact Repay’s ​sales team for more information. They will‍ be happy to provide you with⁣ a demonstration of the platform and ‌help you get started.

Overall, the new technology integration between Repay⁤ and Sage Intacct offers businesses a powerful ‍solution for managing‍ their payments more effectively. ​With automated processes, detailed reporting,‍ and ​customizable options, businesses can streamline their operations and​ improve overall efficiency.