Numeral launches Swift payments

Numeral launches Swift payments

Numeral, a leading financial technology company, has announced the launch of Swift payments for its⁢ customers. Swift, which stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank​ Financial Telecommunication, is a global messaging network that ​enables financial institutions to securely send and receive‍ information about transactions.

With the integration of Swift payments, Numeral customers ​will now be able to transfer funds internationally with greater speed and efficiency.‌ This is‌ a significant milestone for Numeral, as it expands its offerings to meet the growing ⁣demand for cross-border⁣ payment solutions.

Benefits of Swift payments with Numeral

  • Fast and reliable transactions
  • Increased security and fraud prevention measures
  • Global reach, with access to over 11,000‍ financial institutions
  • Real-time tracking and confirmation⁢ of payments

How to use Swift payments with Numeral

  1. Log in to your Numeral account
  2. Select the Swift payment option
  3. Enter the recipient’s bank‍ details and amount to be transferred
  4. Review and confirm the transaction
  5. Receive real-time updates​ on‍ the status of your payment

Start using ⁣Swift payments today

If you are a Numeral customer looking to streamline‍ your international payments, now is the ⁢perfect time to take advantage of‍ Swift payments. With its cutting-edge technology⁤ and global network, Numeral ‌is ⁣well-positioned to meet your financial needs.⁢ Contact Numeral today to learn more about how Swift payments can ⁢benefit you.