iDenfy partners with BlueMonks

iDenfy partners with BlueMonks

Vilnius, Lithuania – iDenfy, ‌a leading identity verification solution provider, has announced its partnership‍ with BlueMonks, a ‌prominent financial​ services platform.

This collaboration aims to enhance BlueMonks’ customer onboarding process by integrating iDenfy’s⁤ cutting-edge facial recognition technology. With this partnership, ​BlueMonks​ aims⁤ to provide a secure and seamless experience while⁢ ensuring regulatory compliance.

iDenfy’s advanced AI-powered facial recognition technology allows users to verify their identity quickly⁢ and accurately by simply capturing a photo of their face. This technology provides a robust solution in preventing identity​ fraud and ensures ​that only legitimate individuals ‍gain access to BlueMonks’ platform.

The partnership with iDenfy will align BlueMonks with stringent ⁢KYC⁢ (Know Your Customer) regulations,⁢ streamlining the onboarding process and significantly reducing manual⁣ verification efforts. This will not ⁣only‍ save ⁤time but also minimize the risk of ‍human error, providing a smoother experience for BlueMonks’ users.

“We are excited ⁢to partner with BlueMonks and⁢ assist them in delivering secure and efficient identity verification services to their customers,” said Domantas⁣ Ciulde, CEO ⁢of iDenfy. “Our state-of-the-art technology combined with BlueMonks’ expertise will pave the ‌way‍ for a more trusted and frictionless onboarding process.”

BlueMonks is recognized for⁤ its commitment to enhancing financial ​services with innovative⁤ technology.​ By partnering⁤ with iDenfy, the company reinforces its dedication to ​implementing ⁤advanced security measures and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Both iDenfy and BlueMonks are optimistic about the prospects‍ of this partnership and look forward to mutually benefiting from ⁤the integration. With the joint effort, they aim to set new industry ⁢standards in ⁤terms of efficiency, security, ⁤and ‍user satisfaction.

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