FLOOSS to follow Sharia compliance in Bahrain

FLOOSS to follow Sharia compliance in Bahrain


FLOOSS, a leading financial technology company in Bahrain, has announced its commitment to adhering to
Sharia compliance for its financial products and services. The company aims to offer Islamic financial
solutions in accordance with the principles of Islamic law, providing ethical and transparent financial
services to its customers.

Bahrain, known for its robust Islamic finance sector, has seen a surge in demand for Sharia-compliant
financial services in recent years. FLOOSS recognizes the significance of this market and seeks to cater to
the growing needs of individuals who seek financial solutions that align with their faith.

Sharia compliance ensures that financial transactions and products avoid prohibited elements, such as
interest, speculation, and uncertainty, as defined by Islamic law. By adhering to these principles, FLOOSS
aims to provide a platform that fosters financial prosperity while upholding the ethical and social values
promoted by Sharia.

As part of its commitment to Sharia compliance, FLOOSS will work closely with Islamic scholars and experts in
Islamic finance to ensure that its products and services are in full compliance with the principles of
Sharia law. This collaboration will allow FLOOSS to design and offer financial solutions that meet the unique
needs and preferences of its customers in Bahrain.

FLOOSS believes that providing Sharia-compliant financial products will contribute to the overall growth and
advancement of the financial sector in Bahrain. By catering to the increasing demand for ethical and
transparent financial services, FLOOSS envisions a future where Islamic finance plays a prominent role in
shaping the country’s economy.

The decision by FLOOSS to embrace Sharia compliance demonstrates its dedication to serving the needs of its
customers by offering financial solutions that align with their values and beliefs. This commitment further
solidifies FLOOSS’ position as a leader in the fintech industry in Bahrain and highlights its efforts to
promote financial inclusivity and social responsibility.

With FLOOSS embracing Sharia compliance, individuals and businesses in Bahrain now have access to a reliable
platform that offers a wide range of Sharia-compliant financial solutions. Whether it’s personal finance,
business investments, or saving for the future, FLOOSS aims to provide accessible and ethical financial
services to empower its customers in achieving their financial goals.

FLOOSS’ commitment to Sharia compliance reflects the company’s belief that financial success can be pursued
while upholding the principles of social justice, equity, and fairness as prescribed by Islamic law. With
this new development, FLOOSS is well-positioned to lead the way in providing innovative Sharia-compliant
financial solutions in Bahrain’s thriving Islamic finance sector.