Cohesity partners with Veritas

Cohesity partners with Veritas

Cohesity and Veritas partnership

In a significant move that will ​revolutionize the data management landscape, Cohesity has announced a strategic partnership with Veritas. The two companies are joining forces to‌ deliver comprehensive data‌ management solutions⁢ for enterprises ​of all sizes. This collaboration brings together the market-leading expertise ​of Cohesity in modern data management along‍ with Veritas’ excellence in enterprise backup and recovery.

The partnership aims to ‌provide organizations with a unified platform that simplifies data management, reduces infrastructure⁢ complexity, ⁣and ensures optimal data availability. By combining ⁢Cohesity’s innovative data management⁢ software with Veritas’ proven⁣ backup and recovery ‍capabilities, customers can benefit from a ⁣streamlined approach ⁢to protect, manage, and analyze their data across multiple environments.

With this partnership, Cohesity and Veritas plan to address the evolving ⁣challenges faced ‍by enterprises in the digital era, including‍ exponential data growth, increased regulatory compliance demands,​ and the need for​ efficient data ​protection ​and recovery. By⁤ leveraging their respective strengths and technologies, they aim to enable organizations to unlock the full potential of their data while ⁢minimizing risks⁣ and maximizing ⁢value.

The joint solution will empower customers to modernize their data infrastructure and ⁢confidently address data management‌ challenges across on-premises, hybrid, and‌ multi-cloud environments.‍ It will offer a comprehensive ⁢suite of ‌features including data backup, disaster recovery, storage and​ archiving, data governance, ‌and analytics, ​all consolidated into a⁢ single, easy-to-use ⁢platform.

Both ‍companies are ‌excited about the possibilities ‍that this partnership brings. CEO of Cohesity, Mohit‍ Aron, ‍expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “By teaming up with Veritas, we aim ⁢to revolutionize the way enterprises manage ‍their data. Together, we will empower organizations to make data more accessible, productive, and secure than ever before.”

In conclusion, the partnership between Cohesity‌ and Veritas​ signals a game-changing alliance in the data management space. Their combined expertise, innovation, and commitment to customer ⁢success promise to transform the way organizations handle their⁢ data. As enterprises continue to ⁢face ever-increasing data complexities, this collaboration ‌offers ‌a beacon of hope, delivering robust and efficient solutions to ensure⁢ data availability, protection, and management.

Stay tuned ⁢for more‍ updates as Cohesity and ⁣Veritas⁤ embark on this exciting journey⁢ together!