ACI Worldwide partners with RYVYL EU

ACI Worldwide partners with RYVYL EU

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ACI⁣ Worldwide, a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment‌ and banking ⁣solutions,‌ has announced a strategic ​partnership with ‍RYVYL EU, a⁢ prominent European fintech company.

ACI Worldwide offers a‍ comprehensive suite of innovative payment and banking ​solutions⁤ that empower financial institutions, processors, merchants, and⁣ corporates‍ to expand their digital offerings and ⁤enhance customer experience. With over 45 ⁤years of industry experience, ACI Worldwide has established⁢ itself as a trusted ⁤provider of‍ real-time payments, fraud​ prevention,‍ and transaction management solutions.

RYVYL EU, on the other hand, is known for its cutting-edge fintech solutions that⁤ facilitate digital​ transformation and revolutionize the way financial ⁤services are delivered. Their expertise lies in delivering secure, scalable, and user-friendly payment solutions⁣ that address the evolving needs of consumers and​ businesses in the ⁢European market.

Through this partnership, ACI Worldwide and RYVYL ​EU aim to combine their ‍strengths and expertise to deliver comprehensive payment solutions that meet‍ the demands of the modern digital economy. With ACI’s robust technology platform and RYVYL EU’s deep‍ understanding of the ⁢European market, this ‍collaboration ‍promises to introduce innovative payment services that drive efficiency, ‌security, and ⁤convenience for customers.

The partnership also signifies a shared commitment‌ to⁤ accelerating the adoption of‍ real-time payments across Europe. Real-time payments offer numerous benefits, including instant payment ​processing, enhanced financial transparency, and improved cash ⁣flow​ management. By leveraging ACI Worldwide’s real-time payment solutions and RYVYL EU’s market‌ insights, businesses ‍and financial institutions can unlock the⁣ full potential of ‌real-time ‌payments to⁢ stay ahead ⁣in today’s⁤ fast-paced digital environment.

Both ACI Worldwide and RYVYL EU believe⁣ that by collaborating and leveraging‍ each ​other’s ⁤strengths, they can empower‌ European ‌businesses ​and⁤ consumers with state-of-the-art payment‍ solutions that simplify transactions, boost financial inclusivity, ​and foster economic growth.

This strategic partnership between⁤ ACI Worldwide ⁢and‌ RYVYL EU has the potential⁣ to reshape the payment landscape in Europe, introducing innovative‍ technologies and driving digital transformation across the financial⁣ industry.