Payroc acquires SterlingCard to enhance presence in Canada

Payroc acquires SterlingCard to enhance presence in Canada

Payroc acquires ⁣SterlingCard

Toronto, Canada – Payroc, a leading ‍global payment processing ‌company, announced the acquisition‌ of SterlingCard, a⁤ well-established financial service ⁣provider based ‍in Canada.⁢ This strategic move strengthens​ Payroc’s presence in ‍the ⁢Canadian market,‍ enabling it to offer ‍a wider range of payment solutions to its clients in the country.

The acquisition of ⁤SterlingCard aligns with‌ Payroc’s ⁤growth ​strategy, aiming to expand its reach and diversify its‌ product offerings.⁣ With this acquisition, Payroc gains access to SterlingCard’s extensive⁤ network and expertise in ⁢the Canadian financial industry, allowing it to provide tailored payment solutions that cater⁢ to the unique‍ needs of businesses in the region.

“We ⁣are excited ‍to welcome SterlingCard into‌ the Payroc family. This acquisition is a significant milestone for us as ⁤it enables ⁢us⁤ to accelerate⁣ our growth in‌ Canada, which is⁤ a ‍key target market,”⁤ said James Oberman,⁣ CEO of‌ Payroc. “SterlingCard brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will enhance‌ our ability⁢ to deliver innovative payment solutions to ⁢our Canadian clients.”

“Joining forces with Payroc gives us the opportunity‌ to offer our clients​ a broader⁣ range of payment solutions while benefiting from Payroc’s global footprint and advanced technology,” ‍said Sarah Mitchell, Founder and CEO​ of SterlingCard.

Payroc has⁤ a proven track record in the⁢ payment processing industry, known for its ​secure and efficient ​solutions.⁣ With this acquisition, the company aims to leverage its technological advancements, along with ‌SterlingCard’s⁤ local expertise, to provide ⁣an unparalleled payment experience to⁤ Canadian businesses.

This strategic move also enables Payroc to support the growth of e-commerce in Canada, as the country experiences a‍ surge in online transactions. By offering comprehensive⁢ payment processing solutions, ⁢including integrated e-commerce​ platforms ⁣and secure payment gateways,‍ Payroc and SterlingCard ⁤together can empower businesses ⁤to thrive in the digital marketplace.

As part of ​the acquisition, existing SterlingCard clients will benefit from an expanded suite of‌ services and cutting-edge⁤ payment technologies. Payroc ⁤will work ⁤closely with SterlingCard’s team to ensure a smooth transition and provide uninterrupted support⁢ to customers.

With its sights⁢ set⁤ on⁣ the Canadian market,​ Payroc⁣ continues to expand its global footprint while reinforcing its commitment to delivering innovative and reliable payment solutions​ worldwide.

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