Neonomics, Lowell to extend A2A payments across the Nordics

Neonomics, Lowell to extend A2A payments across the Nordics

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Neonomics, ⁤a ⁢leading provider of open banking ‍solutions, has partnered with Lowell, an ​international credit management company,
​ ​to expand Account-to-Account ⁢(A2A) payments services across multiple countries in the Nordics.

A2A payments, also known as bank-to-bank transfers, allow ‌users to directly transfer ​funds between bank accounts, eliminating
the need for traditional payment methods such as cards or‍ e-wallets. This collaboration ​aims to revolutionize the
payment landscape ⁤in the Nordics by offering secure, convenient, and cost-effective payment options⁤ to individuals
⁣ ⁢ and businesses.

With‍ this⁣ partnership, Neonomics and Lowell will jointly develop a robust payment infrastructure that ​ensures seamless integration
with banks across the Nordics.⁤ This will enable customers ⁣to initiate ⁢A2A payments directly from their⁣ online banking
⁣ platforms,⁢ eliminating the need to switch between various payment apps ​or websites.

Henriette Wendt, the CEO of Lowell Nordics, stated, “We are excited to collaborate with Neonomics to extend A2A payment ‍capabilities
‌ ‍ to our customers in the⁣ Nordics. By leveraging Neonomics’ expertise in ⁣open banking, we can ⁤offer a frictionless
⁣ payment experience that is both secure and efficient.”

This partnership aligns with the growing demand for digital payment solutions in the region. ⁣The⁢ Nordics have always been
‌ at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies and are‌ known for⁤ their high smartphone penetration rates and
tech-savvy populations.

According to a study conducted by Neonomics, A2A payments have witnessed significant growth in the Nordics, with an average
⁤ annual increase of 45% over the past three years. This trend is expected to continue as more individuals and businesses
⁤ recognize the benefits of ⁣instant, low-cost,​ and secure bank transfers.

The CEO of Neonomics, Christoffer Andvig,‌ said, “We are thrilled ⁤to partner with Lowell⁢ and expand⁤ our⁢ A2A payments services
​across the Nordics. This collaboration ‌will empower consumers and businesses to take full advantage of the opportunities
provided by open ⁣banking, contributing to a more efficient and inclusive financial ecosystem.”

This ⁢joint effort between Neonomics and Lowell‍ is ​expected to transform ⁢the​ payments landscape in the Nordics, making⁣ A2A
‌ payments the go-to choice for ​individuals and businesses for their ⁢day-to-day transactions. The partnership aims
⁢ to launch the expanded ⁣A2A ‍payments services in​ early ‌2023, subject to necessary regulatory approvals.

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