ID Finance obtains USD 150 million in debt financing

ID Finance obtains USD 150 million in debt financing

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ID Finance, a leading fintech company specializing in online lending
services, has successfully secured a staggering USD 150 million in debt
financing. This notable achievement is a testament to the company’s
continuous growth, innovation, and strong financial position in the

The debt financing not only provides ID Finance with a significant
capital boost but also establishes its credibility among investors and
industry peers. The company’s ability to secure such a substantial
amount not only demonstrates the trust and confidence investors have in
its business model but also positions ID Finance as a major player in
the lending industry.

With these funds, ID Finance aims to expand its operations, strengthen
its presence in existing markets, and explore new business opportunities
for further growth. The investment will enable the company to enhance
its technological capabilities, improve customer experience, and
continue offering innovative lending solutions to both individuals and
small businesses.

Boris Batine, CEO and Co-founder of ID Finance, expressed his excitement
with the successful financing round, stating, “This significant
investment allows us to accelerate our vision of providing accessible
and affordable lending to underserved populations globally. We are
grateful for the trust and support of our investors and remain committed
to delivering top-quality digital financial solutions.”

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