Genpact expands partnership with ServiceNow

Genpact expands partnership with ServiceNow

Genpact, a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, has announced an expansion of‌ its partnership with ​ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company.

As ‍part of this extended collaboration, Genpact plans to leverage ServiceNow’s platform to further enhance its capabilities in delivering end-to-end digital transformation solutions to its clients. This partnership aims‍ to help ⁢organizations ⁤streamline their operations, improve customer ‍experiences, and increase overall productivity.

“We are excited to ​expand our partnership with ServiceNow,” said Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO of Genpact. “ServiceNow’s powerful platform allows us ​to create innovative solutions that ⁤drive value for⁣ our clients and help them stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.”

ServiceNow’s platform‌ offers a wide range of capabilities, including IT service management, employee workflow automation, and customer service management. By ⁣integrating these‍ features ​into its existing digital transformation solutions, Genpact aims to ⁤provide​ its clients ⁤with a‍ comprehensive suite of tools to optimize their operational efficiency.

Genpact has a proven track record of successfully implementing digital transformation projects across various industries. By combining its industry expertise with ServiceNow’s platform,‍ Genpact seeks to accelerate the delivery of innovative and tailored solutions to its clients.

This expanded partnership with ServiceNow reinforces Genpact’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital disruption‌ and helping its clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of⁢ the digital age.

Source: Genpact Press​ Release