McLaren Racing partners with Airwallex

McLaren Racing partners with Airwallex

McLaren Racing, one of the‍ most ⁢successful and iconic names in motorsport, has announced a​ new and exciting partnership‌ with Airwallex,‍ a leading global payment platform.

About ⁢McLaren Racing

McLaren Racing, founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963, boasts an impressive history in Formula 1 racing. The team has won multiple World‍ Constructors’ Championships and has driven some of the most legendary racers to⁣ victory, including Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton.

About Airwallex

Airwallex is a fintech unicorn headquartered in Hong Kong. The‌ company offers integrated solutions for cross-border payments, multi-currency accounts, and foreign exchange risk management. It has quickly‍ gained popularity and trust among businesses worldwide for its efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The Partnership

The partnership between McLaren Racing and Airwallex is a perfect fit as both companies are driven by ⁣innovation, speed, and pushing boundaries. As digitalization continues ⁣to transform‌ the sports industry, secure ⁤and seamless global payment solutions have become⁢ more critical ​than ​ever.

Through this collaboration, Airwallex will provide ⁤McLaren Racing with its cutting-edge payment technology, allowing⁣ the team to streamline their operations and focus‌ on what they do best – racing. Airwallex’s secure and reliable platform will facilitate McLaren Racing’s international transactions, making cross-border payments hassle-free.

The​ partnership⁣ will also offer promotional opportunities ​for both brands. ⁢Airwallex will gain exclusive access to McLaren Racing’s⁣ events and have its logo featured on the team’s merchandise, cars,‌ and various⁣ digital platforms.


“We are thrilled⁤ to⁢ join forces with Airwallex and strengthen our capabilities in this digital era,” said Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren ⁢Racing. “Airwallex’s expertise in global payments will undoubtedly enhance our competitive edge and provide a seamless experience for our operations worldwide.”

– Zak Brown

“Partnering with McLaren Racing, a team that ⁣embodies the same spirit of ​ambition and excellence we stand‍ for, is incredibly exciting,” commented ⁣Jack Zhang, CEO of Airwallex. “We are‌ confident that our innovative solutions will contribute greatly to McLaren’s success and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”

– Jack Zhang


The partnership between McLaren ⁢Racing and​ Airwallex‌ signifies the growing importance of efficient financial solutions in the sports industry. With Airwallex’s support, McLaren Racing is​ poised to accelerate its global​ operations, both on and off the track. As two industry leaders come together, we can expect​ a thrilling race towards continued success and innovation.