Fat Zebra acquires Adatree

Fat Zebra acquires Adatree


In an exciting turn of events, leading payment gateway provider Fat Zebra has announced its acquisition of data management platform Adatree. This ‌strategic move aims ‍to strengthen ⁤Fat Zebra’s position in the market and expand its range‌ of services to better serve its customers.

About​ Fat Zebra

Fat Zebra is a reputable payment gateway known for its‌ secure and reliable ‌online payment processing solutions.‍ With​ a focus on simplicity and⁣ ease-of-use, Fat Zebra enables businesses​ of all sizes to accept payments‍ seamlessly.

About Adatree

Adatree ⁢is a prominent data management platform renowned ⁤for its advanced data handling and customer analytics capabilities. It helps businesses transform complex data into meaningful insights,‌ driving‌ better decision-making and strategies.

The ‌Benefits of the ‌Acquisition

  • Enhanced Data Capabilities: With the acquisition of Adatree, Fat Zebra will now​ have access to state-of-the-art data management technologies. ⁢This will‌ enable the company‌ to ‍offer its customers valuable insights and analytics for better understanding their target audience.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The integration of Adatree’s superior data management platform ‌with Fat Zebra’s payment gateway⁤ services ⁣will result in a more personalized and⁣ customized experience for customers. This will allow businesses to better tailor their services and marketing strategies.
  • Expanded Market Presence: By combining‍ the strengths and expertise of both‌ companies, Fat ‌Zebra will be ⁢able to expand its market presence and provide an even⁣ broader range ‍of services to ⁢its rapidly growing customer base.
  • Increased Competitive Edge: The acquisition strengthens Fat‌ Zebra’s position in the payment processing industry, giving ⁢the company a competitive edge over its rivals. It ensures​ that Fat Zebra remains at the ‍forefront of innovative‍ solutions and services.


The acquisition of Adatree by Fat Zebra ​marks an important milestone for both companies. This strategic move allows Fat Zebra to ⁣leverage Adatree’s​ expertise in data management, ultimately​ benefiting businesses ⁢in various industries. As the companies ‍join forces, customers can expect improved services, enhanced‌ data ‌capabilities, ⁢and a better overall payment experience. Fat Zebra’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is further solidified with this acquisition.