Resorts World Sentosa expands partnership with Alipay+

Resorts World Sentosa expands partnership with Alipay+

Resorts World Sentosa Expands Partnership with Alipay+

Resorts World Sentosa

Singapore, June 10th, 2023 – Resorts⁢ World⁢ Sentosa, the renowned integrated resort in⁢ Singapore, has recently announced an expansion of its partnership with ⁣Alipay+. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance the digital payment experience for both local and international visitors.

Alipay+, an⁣ application developed by Ant Group, is a widely-used digital payment platform in over 60⁢ countries and regions. The expansion of its collaboration with Resorts World ⁢Sentosa means that visitors can ‍now enjoy seamless, secure, and convenient mobile payment options throughout the resort.

Resorts World Sentosa ⁤is renowned for its world-class attractions, including Universal Studios, S.E.A. Aquarium, and Adventure⁣ Cove Waterpark. With the growing number of Alipay+ users, this partnership expansion ‍demonstrates the resort’s commitment​ to providing a seamless experience for⁢ its ⁢visitors.

Mr. Tan Hwee Peng, CEO of Resorts World ​Sentosa, expressed ⁤his excitement about the expanded​ partnership, stating, “We are thrilled ‍to further strengthen our‍ ties with Alipay+.‍ This collaboration allows‌ us to fully leverage Alipay+’s advanced digital payment technologies ‍to enhance our guests’ ⁢convenience and satisfaction during their visit.”

Alipay+ offers a wide range of services, including mobile payments,⁣ online ticketing, and⁣ membership‍ benefits.⁤ With ⁢this collaboration, visitors can make hassle-free transactions, whether it’s purchasing tickets, making reservations at⁤ the resort’s restaurants, or shopping at the various retail outlets.

Additionally, Alipay+ provides personalized recommendations to ‌users, allowing them to discover exclusive promotions and discounts available within the resort. The app also features a multilingual interface, providing ease of use for international visitors.

Resorts World Sentosa and Alipay+ are committed to providing a safe ​and ‍secure payment experience. Through the application’s robust security features,​ visitors can enjoy peace ‌of mind knowing that their transactions are protected.

As travel and tourism resume following the global pandemic, this ‌expanded partnership between Resorts World Sentosa and Alipay+ aims to enhance the overall resort experience for visitors, catering to their evolving ⁢digital needs.

Whether⁣ it’s exploring attractions, enjoying world-class dining, or indulging in retail ⁣therapy, guests at Resorts ⁣World Sentosa can⁤ now do it all seamlessly with the convenience of Alipay+. ⁣With this partnership expansion, Resorts ⁣World ​Sentosa continues to solidify its position as⁣ a ​leader in integrated resort offerings.

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