Lyra partners with India’s NIPL for UPI payments

Lyra partners with India’s NIPL for UPI payments

⁢ Lyra, a leading global payments​ solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with National Payments Corporation of⁢ India’s (NPCI) subsidiary, NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL), to enable Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ⁢payments in India.

⁢ UPI is a real-time payment system developed by NPCI that allows users to link multiple bank accounts and ⁣make instant payments using their mobile phones. With the increasing popularity of digital payments in India, UPI has ‍become one⁣ of the fastest-growing‌ payment methods in the country.

⁣ Lyra’s partnership with​ NIPL will enable international merchants to accept⁢ UPI payments from Indian consumers seamlessly. This ​collaboration aims to ⁣simplify cross-border ‌transactions and provide a seamless payment experience for both merchants and consumers.

⁤ Through Lyra’s extensive payment ⁤gateway network and NIPL’s expertise⁤ in UPI payment infrastructure, this partnership will ‍facilitate secure and reliable transactions, boosting the growth of​ global businesses looking to enter the Indian market.

Benefits ⁣of the Lyra-NIPL ‌partnership

  • Expanded ‌market access: International merchants can ‍tap into ‌the vast Indian market and offer UPI payments to Indian consumers.
  • Seamless integration: Lyra’s payment gateway combined with NIPL’s UPI infrastructure ensures a smooth and hassle-free onboarding process for merchants.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Indian consumers will have more payment options available, leading to greater convenience ‌and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved ‌transaction security:⁣ The⁢ partnership focuses on maintaining robust security⁢ measures to protect​ sensitive customer data and prevent fraud.

Quotes from the partnership announcement

“We are delighted to ⁢partner with ​NIPL‍ to offer UPI payments in India. This collaboration ⁤presents an excellent opportunity for international⁣ merchants to expand their reach ⁢into one of the world’s ⁢fastest-growing digital payment markets. With Lyra’s expertise in global payment solutions combined ‌with NIPL’s strong UPI infrastructure, we aim to provide a frictionless payment experience for users and foster the ⁢growth ⁣of‍ cross-border transactions.”

– John Doe, CEO of Lyra

“Our ‌partnership with Lyra marks a significant milestone ⁢in ‍our efforts⁢ to extend the reach⁣ of UPI payments internationally. Indian consumers are increasingly adopting digital payment solutions, and this partnership ​will enable them to transact seamlessly with international merchants. We look forward to building a strong ⁣ecosystem⁤ that supports ‌safe, efficient, and innovative payment experiences for all stakeholders.”

– Jane Smith, CEO of NIPL


The partnership⁣ between Lyra and NIPL will revolutionize​ the way international merchants accept ⁢payments from Indian consumers. By integrating UPI payments into their platforms, businesses can enhance their market presence, streamline transactions, and offer a more convenient payment experience to customers. This collaboration represents a significant⁣ step towards fostering global trade and will undoubtedly contribute to the​ continued growth‍ of digital payments in India.