Flinks augments its Open Banking solution with new features

Flinks augments its Open Banking solution with new features

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology, Flinks continues to stay ahead of the ⁣curve by consistently enhancing ‌its Open Banking solution with new and innovative features. With each update, Flinks‍ strives to provide ⁢a seamless and ⁢secure banking experience ​for both financial institutions and their customers.

What is Flinks Open Banking solution?

Flinks Open Banking solution‍ allows financial institutions to leverage their customers’ banking data through ⁢secure ‍connections, enabling a range of services including identity verification, risk assessment, and lending decisions. By connecting directly to financial institutions’ systems, Flinks streamlines the transactional⁢ data retrieval process, ensuring accuracy, speed, and⁣ compliance.

Introducing the new features

Enhanced data categorization

Flinks has expanded its data categorization capabilities to provide financial institutions with even deeper insights into their ⁣customers’ banking activities. The advanced⁣ algorithms and machine learning models in the Open Banking solution now categorize transactions more accurately, allowing institutions⁢ to better understand their customers’ financial behaviors and preferences.

Seamless ‌onboarding experience

Flinks understands the importance of a seamless onboarding process for new customers. To address this, Flinks has ⁢introduced user-friendly enhancements to‌ its Open Banking solution. Customers can now easily connect their bank accounts and share data securely within minutes, ​reducing friction and enhancing the overall user⁤ experience.

Expanded multi-country coverage

Recognizing the global nature of ​financial‌ services, Flinks⁢ has expanded its coverage to multiple countries. Financial ‌institutions can now seamlessly integrate Flinks Open ⁣Banking solution into their ‌operations across different regions,⁣ connecting​ with banks ‌and accessing⁤ customer data ⁢regardless of their location.

The benefits of Flinks Open​ Banking solution

By integrating Flinks Open Banking​ solution into their systems, financial institutions can unlock numerous benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: The ‌streamlined process of retrieving transactional data saves time and reduces manual effort for financial institutions.
  • Enhanced risk management: Accessing⁣ real-time ⁢financial data enables institutions to perform accurate risk assessments and make informed lending decisions.
  • Personalized customer experiences: Deep insights‌ into customers’ financial behaviors ⁣allow institutions to tailor their offerings, resulting in⁤ personalized and more relevant products and services.
  • Improved security: Flinks prioritizes the security of sensitive financial data, adhering to the highest industry standards to protect against potential threats.


Flinks has once again demonstrated its ⁢commitment to driving innovation in Open Banking by augmenting its solution with new features. Financial institutions ​can leverage Flinks’ advanced technology to streamline processes, ⁢gain deeper insights, and enhance their overall customer experiences. With enhanced data categorization, a‍ seamless onboarding experience, and expanded multi-country coverage, Flinks continues to empower financial institutions to embrace the Open Banking revolution.