Faysal Bank, Total Parco sign agreement for digital payments

Faysal Bank, Total Parco sign agreement for digital payments

Faysal Bank and Total⁣ Parco agreement

Faysal Bank and ​Total Parco announced‌ a strategic​ partnership to enable digital payment solutions at Total Parco fuel stations across Pakistan. ‌The agreement aims to revolutionize the fueling experience for customers by offering them a seamless and secure payment process.

With the advent of technological advancements, the world has witnessed a significant shift towards digital transactions. Faysal Bank, known for its innovative ⁢banking solutions, ⁣has taken ‍the initiative to collaborate‌ with Total Parco, one of the ⁤leading oil marketing companies in Pakistan, to introduce convenient digital‍ payment methods for fuel purchases.

The partnership will⁢ allow customers to make transactions using various ⁣digital payment‍ platforms, including ⁣Faysal Bank’s mobile banking app ⁣and Total Parco’s​ mobile application. This will eliminate the need for cash or physical cards, providing a more⁣ efficient ⁤and ⁤contactless payment⁢ experience.

Speaking ⁤about the collaboration,⁢ Mr. ⁢Ali Khan, CEO of​ Faysal Bank, ‍said, “We ‍are delighted to partner⁤ with ‌Total Parco in bringing digital convenience to fuel retailing. This⁣ association aligns perfectly with our commitment to⁣ offer⁤ secure, user-friendly, and technologically advanced banking products and services to our customers.”

Similarly, ‌Mr. Olivier Sabrie, CEO of Total ‍Parco, ‍also​ expressed his enthusiasm,‍ stating, ​”As a customer-centric company, ⁤Total Parco is continually seeking innovative ways to enhance ⁢customer experience. Our partnership with Faysal ‍Bank will allow us to provide a safer and more convenient payment option, while‍ also promoting a cashless economy.”

Both companies are confident that this collaboration will not only ​benefit their customers but also ⁤contribute to the overall ⁣digitization ‌and modernization of the fuel⁣ retail industry in Pakistan.

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