AXS partners with Aleta Planet to launch a remittance service

AXS partners with Aleta Planet to launch a remittance service

Aleta Planet logo (left) and AXS logo (right)

New Partnership for Enhanced Remittance Services

Singapore, January 22, 2022 – In an exciting development, AXS, a leading leader in digital payment
solutions, has announced its partnership with Aleta Planet, a global payment services provider. The two
companies are collaborating to launch a remittance service that aims to simplify money transfers for
individuals and businesses.

Expanding Global Reach

The partnership between AXS and Aleta Planet comes at a time when digital remittance services are in high
demand due to their convenience and speed. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, the
collaboration aims to expand the global reach of their remittance services and offer a seamless
experience to their customers.

Benefitting Individuals and Businesses

The new remittance service will benefit both individuals and businesses by enabling them to send and
receive money across borders efficiently. With improved user interfaces and streamlined processes, users
will find it easier than ever to initiate international money transfers.

Key Features of the Remittance Service

  • Competitive exchange rates for more cost-effective transfers.
  • Fast and secure transactions, ensuring peace of mind for users.
  • Multiple currency options to cater to diverse transfer needs.
  • Trackable transfers, allowing users to monitor the progress of their transactions.

Future Possibilities

AXS and Aleta Planet envision further enhancements to their remittance services in the future. This
partnership is not just a one-time venture but a commitment to continuous innovation and customer
satisfaction. The companies aim to explore additional features such as real-time exchange rates,
additional destination countries, and improved accessibility through mobile applications.

About AXS

Established in 2000, AXS is a trusted provider of digital financial solutions in Singapore. With a focus on
simplifying payments and enhancing convenience, AXS has been at the forefront of technological
innovations in the financial industry.

About Aleta Planet

Aleta Planet is a leading global payment services provider, specializing in cross-border payments and
remittances. With a strong presence in multiple markets worldwide, Aleta Planet offers secure and
efficient solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

Press Contact: John Doe, Communications Manager, AXS Inc.,