integrates with ComplyAdvantage integrates with ComplyAdvantage, a leading provider of core banking technology solutions, has recently announced its integration with ComplyAdvantage, a global leader in providing anti-money laundering (AML) solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance compliance capabilities within financial institutions by leveraging the combined expertise of both companies.

Streamlining Compliance Processes

By integrating ComplyAdvantage’s powerful AML screening and risk management tools into the platform, financial institutions can now streamline their compliance processes effectively. The seamless integration ensures that the platform remains up-to-date with the latest AML regulations and requirements.

“We are thrilled to join forces with ComplyAdvantage. Our partnership enables us to offer our clients an advanced compliance solution, helping them mitigate risk and adhere to stringent regulatory requirements,” said Alex Malyshev, CEO of

Through this integration, users of the platform gain access to ComplyAdvantage’s extensive library of real-time global risk data, which includes sanctions, watchlists, and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists. This data allows financial institutions to effectively identify and mitigate potential risks associated with money laundering or terrorist financing activities.

Efficient and Reliable Compliance Tools

With the integration of ComplyAdvantage, clients can benefit from a range of compliance tools designed to optimize their risk management processes. These tools include advanced name screening, adverse media monitoring, and data enrichment features.

Furthermore, the integration enables clients to automate their compliance workflows, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The platform offers customizable risk scoring and alert generation mechanisms, enabling institutions to prioritize high-risk actors for further investigation.

Fostering Secure and Trustworthy Financial Environments’s integration with ComplyAdvantage plays a crucial role in fostering secure and trustworthy financial environments. By equipping financial institutions with powerful compliance tools, the collaboration helps combat illegal financial activities, protecting both customers and businesses alike.

“At ComplyAdvantage, we are delighted to partner with to offer their clients an extra layer of risk protection and help them build secure financial ecosystems that comply with ever-evolving regulatory standards,” said Charlie Delingpole, CEO of ComplyAdvantage.

Compliance with AML regulations is a top priority for financial institutions, and the integration between and ComplyAdvantage seeks to strengthen these efforts. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, financial institutions can effectively safeguard their operations from potential compliance breaches, enhancing trust and confidence among clients and stakeholders.

This article was brought to you by, a leading provider of core banking technology solutions, and ComplyAdvantage, a global leader in providing anti-money laundering (AML) solutions.