Northern Arc partners with Karnataka Bank

Northern Arc partners with Karnataka Bank

Northern Arc ‌is⁤ excited ⁣to announce ⁢its new partnership with Karnataka Bank, a leading private‍ sector bank in India. This collaboration aims⁢ to drive financial inclusion⁤ and‌ support ⁢the growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) ⁣across the country.

‌ Under this strategic ⁣partnership, Northern‍ Arc will ⁢provide Karnataka Bank with its extensive ⁢expertise⁤ in evaluating credit risks and extending ⁤credit facilities to underbanked individuals and businesses. This will enable Karnataka Bank to expand its⁣ reach and offer enhanced financial services to⁢ previously‌ underserved‌ segments of the population.

‌ ⁤ ⁤ ⁤ ⁢ Northern Arc’s ⁣focus on ‌promoting inclusive finance aligns perfectly with Karnataka Bank’s mission to empower MSMEs and ⁢enable ⁣them to ‌thrive‍ in a competitive market. With this collaboration, both institutions aim to foster​ economic growth, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the overall development of the region.

‌ ‌⁢ Commenting ‍on the partnership, Mr. Ravi Kumar Dasari, MD & CEO ⁤of Northern Arc, said, ​”Karnataka‌ Bank has been a ⁢pioneer in providing innovative banking solutions, ⁣particularly⁢ for the ⁤MSME sector. With our combined ‌strengths‍ and resources, we are confident in our‌ ability to bridge the credit gap and‍ provide ‌access ​to finance to those ⁢who need it the most.”

Mr.​ Mahabaleshwara ⁤M.S., MD & CEO of ‍Karnataka Bank, expressed his enthusiasm by stating,⁣ “Northern Arc has ​an impressive track record in facilitating credit access and ensuring⁤ responsible lending ⁢practices. ⁣This partnership will enable us to ⁢leverage their expertise and⁣ offer tailored financial solutions​ to our⁣ customers,​ ultimately enabling⁤ their sustainable growth ‌and ⁤contributing to the inclusive ​development of our economy.”

​ ‌ ⁤ As​ part of Northern ⁣Arc’s commitment to​ transparency ‌and responsible finance, the partnership will also focus on leveraging technology to⁢ streamline and digitize lending⁤ processes. This will⁣ not only improve efficiency but also enhance customer ‍experience and reduce turnaround time for loan approvals.

⁢ ‌ ⁤ With this ⁣collaboration, Northern ​Arc ⁣and Karnataka Bank reaffirm their ⁣shared vision ‌of bridging financial gaps, fostering entrepreneurial talent, and driving economic progress. By pooling their resources⁢ and expertise, they strive to create a‍ stronger ‌ecosystem that supports‍ the financial aspirations of individuals and businesses across ⁣India.

Source: Northern Arc & Karnataka Bank