MADRID, Spain – Iberia Airlines, one of the leading airlines in Spain, has exciting news for
its customers who use UnionPay cards. Starting today, Iberia Airlines is proud to announce that it has begun
accepting UnionPay cards for online flight bookings and other services.

UnionPay cardholders can now easily book flights, manage their reservations, and enjoy a seamless payment
process while experiencing the superior services offered by Iberia Airlines.

Why is this significant?

The acceptance of UnionPay cards is an important step for Iberia Airlines to cater to a wider range of
customers. UnionPay cards are issued by UnionPay International, a subsidiary of China UnionPay, which is one
of the largest card payment networks globally. This collaboration is expected to strengthen Iberia Airlines’
position in the Chinese market and enhance its offering to Chinese customers traveling to Spain or other
destinations covered by the airline.

Benefits for UnionPay cardholders:

  • Convenience: Booking flights online with Iberia Airlines using UnionPay cards provides a convenient and
    hassle-free experience for travelers.
  • Secure Transactions: UnionPay International is renowned for its security measures. Therefore, customers
    can rest assured that their transactions are protected.
  • Global Acceptance: UnionPay cards are widely accepted across the world, offering global travelers a
    seamless payment solution.
  • Increased Options: With the inclusion of UnionPay cards in their payment options, Iberia Airlines opens
    the door to a broader customer base, providing more options to potential customers.

How to use UnionPay cards for online bookings?

Using your UnionPay card for bookings on Iberia Airlines’ website is easy:

  1. Select your desired flight.
  2. Proceed to the payment page.
  3. Choose “UnionPay” as your preferred payment method.
  4. Enter your UnionPay card details and complete the transaction.

It’s that simple!

About Iberia Airlines:

Founded in 1927, Iberia Airlines is the largest airline in Spain and is renowned for its excellent customer
service, commitment to safety, and extensive destination network. With the inclusion of UnionPay cards as a
payment option, Iberia Airlines further expands its services, providing a seamless travel experience for an
even greater number of customers.

If you are a UnionPay cardholder, take advantage of this exciting news and book your next flight with Iberia
Airlines today!