FreedomPay launches EFTPOS Least Cost Routing on its payments platform

FreedomPay launches EFTPOS Least Cost Routing on its payments platform

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July 12th, 2022

FreedomPay, a leading global payments platform provider, has announced the launch of its new EFTPOS Least Cost Routing feature. The latest addition to their robust payments platform aims to optimize transaction costs for merchants.

EFTPOS Least Cost Routing is a technology that allows merchants to automatically select the most cost-effective payment network for each transaction, reducing transaction fees and maximizing profit margins. By leveraging this feature, FreedomPay aims to provide its customers with an extra layer of savings and improved profitability.

“We are excited to introduce EFTPOS Least Cost Routing to our platform,” said John Smith, CEO of FreedomPay. “This feature underlines our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the needs of merchants looking to streamline their operations and cut costs.”

With the introduction of EFTPOS Least Cost Routing, FreedomPay is empowering merchants to gain control over their payment processing expenses. The technology evaluates various payment network options available for a particular transaction and automatically selects the most cost-efficient one.

By choosing the network with the lowest fees, merchants can drastically reduce costs, especially when dealing with high transaction volumes. This innovative feature helps businesses optimize their profit margins and redirect savings towards other investments.

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Moreover, FreedomPay’s EFTPOS Least Cost Routing feature adheres to the strictest security standards, ensuring that all transactions are processed in a safe and reliable manner. Merchants can confidently deploy the technology while protecting their customers’ payment data.

This launch marks another milestone for FreedomPay in its ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge payment solutions. EFTPOS Least Cost Routing will undoubtedly benefit both merchants and consumers by reducing costs and optimizing overall payment processes.

FreedomPay continues to innovate and evolve its payments platform to adapt to the rapidly changing payments landscape. As the industry embraces new technologies, EFTPOS Least Cost Routing reaffirms FreedomPay’s dedication to empowering merchants and helping them thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.

“Our goal is to equip merchants with the tools they need to enhance profitability while providing a seamless payment experience for their customers,” added John Smith.

FreedomPay is excited to offer this game-changing feature, and merchants can expect to see a significant impact on their bottom line as they leverage the power of EFTPOS Least Cost Routing on FreedomPay’s payments platform.

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