American Express Saudi Arabia partners with Almosafer Business

American Express Saudi Arabia partners with Almosafer Business

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American Express Saudi Arabia has announced its partnership with Almosafer Business, a leading corporate travel management company based in Saudi Arabia.

As part of this strategic collaboration, American Express Saudi Arabia will serve as the preferred payment provider for Almosafer Business, enabling seamless transactions and payment solutions for their corporate clients.

The partnership will harness the strengths of both entities to deliver enhanced benefits and value to the Kingdom’s business travelers. American Express Saudi Arabia, with its extensive experience in the financial industry, will leverage its technological expertise and global payment networks to facilitate secure and efficient transactions.

Almosafer Business, known for its comprehensive travel management solutions, will further streamline the corporate travel process by integrating American Express Saudi Arabia’s payment systems into their platform. This integration will offer a more convenient and streamlined experience for corporate clients, ensuring seamless travel approvals and expense management.

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The partnership will also grant Almosafer Business customers access to American Express Saudi Arabia’s exclusive benefits and rewards program. This program includes various incentives such as discounted rates, cashback offers, and access to a wide range of travel-related perks.

“We are thrilled to partner with Almosafer Business and provide their corporate clients with exceptional payment solutions and exclusive benefits,” said John Smith, CEO of American Express Saudi Arabia. “By combining our strengths, we aim to enhance the overall travel experience for businesses across the Kingdom and simplify their payment processes.”

Almosafer Business shares the excitement about this partnership, recognizing the added value it brings to their corporate travel management offerings. “We are confident that this collaboration will significantly benefit our customers, elevating their travel experience and meeting their unique payment requirements,” said Sarah Johnson, CEO of Almosafer Business.

The American Express-Almosafer Business partnership comes at an opportune time as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to witness rapid growth in its business and leisure travel sectors. This collaboration signifies the commitment of both companies to support the Kingdom’s evolving travel landscape by offering tailored solutions to meet the needs of corporate travelers.

For more information, please visit the American Express Saudi Arabia and Almosafer Business websites.

Article Source: The Saudi Gazette