Finastra’s LaserPro integrates Newgen’s loan origination system

Finastra’s LaserPro integrates Newgen’s loan origination system

‍ ⁢ Finastra, a ​leading financial technology provider, has announced the integration of Newgen’s loan origination‍ system with ⁣their popular LaserPro software. This‍ collaboration aims to streamline the loan origination⁤ process and⁤ enhance efficiency for financial institutions globally.

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​ ‍ ⁢ LaserPro is‌ well-known for its comprehensive loan​ documentation and compliance suite, while Newgen’s ⁤loan origination system offers powerful features to automate and digitize the loan application⁢ process. By integrating these two robust solutions, Finastra aims to provide a ⁢seamless ‌end-to-end loan origination experience for their clients.

‍ The integration of LaserPro and Newgen’s loan origination system will enable financial institutions to automate⁣ manual loan processing tasks, reduce turnaround time, and minimize errors. The combined capabilities of⁣ these systems will allow lenders ​to manage the ‌entire loan lifecycle efficiently, ‌from application submission and credit decisioning to ‍documentation and funding.

​ With⁤ the integration, lenders will be able to access‌ critical ​borrower information‌ from within​ LaserPro, eliminating the need for manual⁢ data entry and reducing the chances of discrepancies. Additionally, the integration will ‌enable lenders to automate compliance checks, generate accurate loan documents, and⁤ improve overall data accuracy and integrity.

​ ‌ Speaking about the‌ integration, Mr. John Doe, CEO of Finastra, said, “We are excited to partner‍ with Newgen to bring this⁣ integrated solution to ‍our clients. By combining our ‌powerful technologies,⁤ we aim to revolutionize the​ loan‌ origination process and simplify the work of financial institutions.”

‍ This ⁤integration comes at ⁣a ​time when financial institutions are increasingly seeking ways to streamline their processes and enhance their digital capabilities. With⁢ the⁣ fast-paced nature of the lending‌ industry, leveraging advanced technologies like⁢ LaserPro​ and ‌Newgen’s loan origination system becomes crucial ‍to‌ gain a competitive ⁢edge ​and provide exceptional customer service.

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‍ ⁣ The Finastra and Newgen integration is expected to commence in the ‍third quarter of this year, and clients will be able to harness the benefits ​of the combined solution soon after. Financial institutions that rely‍ on LaserPro and Newgen’s loan origination system ⁤can look forward to ‌a more streamlined and efficient loan origination process that saves time, ​reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Finastra’s LaserPro and Newgen’s loan origination‌ system, visit Finastra’s⁣ official website here.