Access FS and Nomo Bank partner to provide Sharia property finance

Access FS and Nomo Bank partner to provide Sharia property finance

Access FS and Nomo Bank Partnership

Access FS, a leading global ⁤financial services provider, has announced a strategic⁤ partnership with Nomo Bank to offer Sharia-compliant property ​finance solutions.

The Rise of ‍Sharia‌ Property⁢ Finance

As the demand ​for ⁣Sharia-compliant financial products‍ continues to grow, Access FS aims to ‌expand its range of services to cater to this specific​ segment. By joining forces with Nomo Bank, a pioneer ​in⁣ Sharia finance,‌ Access FS reinforces its commitment to meeting‍ the needs of Muslim customers seeking property finance solutions that are compliant with Islamic principles.

Benefits ‍of the Partnership

Through this partnership, Access FS and Nomo Bank will be able to offer⁢ a comprehensive range of Sharia-compliant property finance solutions to individuals and businesses alike.

  • Flexible financing options with competitive profit rates
  • Swift application and approval process
  • Expert guidance on Islamic financing principles
  • Access⁣ to a ⁤dedicated team of Sharia-compliant finance specialists
  • Variety⁣ of⁤ property finance products, including residential mortgages and commercial property loans
  • Exceptional ‌customer‌ service⁣ and⁢ support

About Access ‌FS

Access FS is a⁢ trusted name in the financial services industry, offering innovative and ‌client-focused solutions. With a strong commitment to ethical practices, Access FS​ delivers a wide ‌range of financial products and services while adhering to Sharia principles.

As a globally recognized institution, ‍Access FS operates in multiple countries and serves a diverse clientele, including both individuals and businesses.

About Nomo Bank

Nomo Bank is a leading Sharia-compliant ‍bank with a focus on providing innovative financial ⁣solutions. With a deep understanding of Islamic banking principles, Nomo Bank ‍offers a range of Sharia-compliant products and services, ensuring that customers can meet their financial goals while staying true​ to their faith.

By partnering with Access FS, Nomo Bank aims to expand its​ reach ⁤and provide its expertise​ in ​Sharia-compliant⁣ property finance to​ a broader ⁢customer‌ base.


The partnership between Access FS and ​Nomo Bank marks an important milestone in the growth of Sharia-compliant property finance. With this collaborative effort, both institutions aim to provide individuals and businesses with access to ⁢innovative, Sharia-compliant property finance⁣ solutions while ​upholding the⁣ highest standards of customer service and ‍integrity.

As the ⁢demand for ⁤Islamic financial ​products⁤ continues to rise,⁢ this partnership positions Access FS and​ Nomo Bank at the forefront of meeting the​ evolving needs of the Muslim community and supporting their dreams of owning or ‌investing in property.