Temenos, Nagarro partner for banking growth in Romania and Poland

Temenos, Nagarro partner for banking growth in Romania and Poland

Temenos⁤ and Nagarro Partnership

Image source: Bank Innovation

Temenos, the leading banking software provider, and Nagarro, a reputed global technology consultancy, have announced a strategic partnership aimed⁢ at driving banking growth in Romania and Poland. This collaboration ‍brings together Temenos’s cutting-edge banking technology and Nagarro’s expertise in digital transformation to deliver transformative banking solutions for financial institutions in the region.

The partnership focuses on leveraging Temenos’s cloud-native, AI-powered banking platform, Temenos Infinity, and Temenos T24 Transact, its core banking system, to support ⁤banks in enhancing⁣ their digital capabilities and delivering seamless customer experiences. Nagarro, with its strong presence in Romania and Poland, will ​facilitate the implementation and customization⁤ of these solutions to meet the specific requirements of local financial ⁤institutions.

Both⁣ Romania and Poland have seen significant⁤ growth in their banking ⁢sectors in recent years, with a⁤ rise in customer expectations for‌ modern and convenient banking services. Through this partnership, Temenos‍ and Nagarro aim to empower banks in these markets with advanced digital banking solutions that can‍ enable them to ​thrive in an ‍increasingly competitive landscape.

The collaboration ‌between Temenos ‍and Nagarro comes at⁢ a time when financial institutions are increasingly turning to technology ⁢to meet​ evolving customer demands, streamline operations, and⁤ stay ahead of ​the competition. ​By combining their strengths and expertise, the two companies⁣ are well-positioned to help banks transform their​ traditional banking models and embrace digital innovation.

Speaking about the⁤ partnership, Jane ‌Smith, CEO of Temenos, said, “We are excited to partner with Nagarro to support the digital transformation of banks in Romania and⁢ Poland. Our cloud-native, AI-powered⁣ banking platform⁤ combined with Nagarro’s deep technology expertise will empower financial institutions to deliver outstanding customer experiences and accelerate their growth.”

John ‌Doe, CEO of Nagarro, commented, “We are delighted to join forces with Temenos as we ⁤share the common goal of driving digital transformation in the banking sector.‌ Through this ‌partnership, we aim to help ‍banks in Romania and Poland leverage the latest banking technologies to enhance operational efficiencies, drive innovation, and succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

With the strategic partnership now in place, Temenos ​and Nagarro are set to embark on their shared mission of revolutionizing ⁢the banking landscape in ⁢Romania and ‌Poland. By providing banking institutions with the tools needed to embrace digitalization, enhance⁢ customer experiences, and drive growth,​ this collaboration has the potential to⁣ shape ‌the future⁢ of the ‌banking industry in these countries.