Sygnum raises more than USD 40 million in an oversubscribed round

Sygnum raises more than USD 40 million in an oversubscribed round

“Sygnum, the digital asset technology group, successfully raised‍ over USD 40 million in its latest funding round.”

ZURICH, Switzerland – Leading digital asset technology group,‍ Sygnum, announced an impressive milestone as it secured over USD⁢ 40 ⁣million in an oversubscribed funding round.

Sygnum Funding Round

Sygnum marries cutting-edge ‌technology with traditional banking.

This substantial funding round provides the company with an opportunity​ to accelerate its expansion plans, enhance its product offerings, and further establish‌ itself as a key player in the digital asset‍ industry.

Sygnum’s innovative approach combines traditional banking⁢ with digital asset​ technology. ​The company ⁤offers access​ to a wide range of digital asset investment options while ensuring the highest‌ standards of security and compliance.

“We are delighted to see such ⁢strong support‍ from prominent investors,” said ⁣Mathias Imbach,‍ co-founder and CEO of Sygnum. ⁣”This successful funding round reflects the growing recognition of the immense potential that digital assets⁣ hold.”

This achievement marks a significant step forward for Sygnum as ⁣it continues to​ bridge the ‍gap between traditional finance and digital assets. The funds raised will be utilized to bolster research and development initiatives, expand its​ talented team, and further ‌develop its suite of products.

“The oversubscribed ​round exemplifies the confidence investors have placed in Sygnum’s vision and capabilities,” expressed Gerald Goh, co-founder and Head of Business Development at Sygnum. “It’s⁤ an exciting time for us as we revolutionize the way digital assets are managed and accessed.”

With⁤ a solid foundation and strong financial backing, ‍Sygnum is well-positioned to drive further growth and foster ⁢innovation in ⁣the digital asset space. The company’s success​ in‍ attracting significant investment demonstrates the increasing interest and confidence ⁣in the future of digital assets.

“We are‌ committed to pioneering the future of digital finance and creating value for our‌ clients,” added Imbach. “Through ‌this funding round, we aim to build an ecosystem that provides seamless⁢ and secure access to digital asset solutions for individuals and institutions alike.”

The remarkable achievement of ‍raising over‌ USD 40 million in⁢ this funding round cements Sygnum’s position as a frontrunner in the ‌digital asset industry, and sets the stage for future​ groundbreaking developments for the company.

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