Fidesmo partners with Mastercard and VIMpay

Fidesmo partners with Mastercard and VIMpay

Stockholm-based fintech company, Fidesmo, has announced an exciting new partnership with global payment technology giant, Mastercard, and mobile wallet provider,
VIMpay. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way people make ⁣contactless payments⁣ and manage⁣ their financial transactions.

‍ With Fidesmo’s innovative technology, ‌users will be able to connect various wearable devices, such ‌as smartwatches and fitness bands, to their ⁣Mastercard accounts.
This partnership​ will⁣ pave the way for a seamless and convenient payment experience for consumers, eliminating the need to ⁤carry physical payment cards.

Mastercard’s expertise⁢ in payment processing​ and security combined with Fidesmo’s ingenious wearable integration platform will ensure that users can make secure
contactless transactions anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

⁢ VIMpay’s contribution to this collaboration‍ is their user-friendly mobile wallet application.⁣ With VIMpay’s powerful ⁣app, customers can link their Mastercard
⁢ accounts to their wearable​ devices effortlessly and manage their payments on-the-go. This intuitive‌ and secure platform will allow users to track their
transactions,⁣ set spending limits,⁢ and receive real-time notifications.

⁣ This strategic partnership between ‍Fidesmo, Mastercard, ⁢and VIMpay ‍will bring about innovative advancements ‌to the payment ecosystem. By enabling wearable
‌⁤ devices to ⁢serve ‍as‌ payment tools,⁤ customers will⁢ enjoy enhanced convenience and a more accessible way⁤ to pay in various retail ​environments.

Fidesmo’s commitment to providing an open ⁤platform ⁢infrastructure will also attract more device manufacturers​ and developers to engage and create exciting
new applications for the wearable market.

The CEO of Fidesmo, Mattias ‍Eld, expressed his excitement about ⁣the partnership,⁢ stating, “We believe that collaboration is key to driving forward innovative
⁣ solutions in the fintech industry. This partnership with Mastercard and VIMpay reflects our shared vision of making payments and transactions more
‍ seamless and accessible for ​users worldwide.”

This‍ collaboration aims to⁢ shape the future of contactless‍ payments and drive⁣ greater adoption‌ of wearable technology in the financial sector. ⁢With the
‍ ⁢ combined experience and ingenuity of Fidesmo,‌ Mastercard, ⁣and VIMpay, consumers can look forward‍ to an exciting era of a‌ more connected and secure payment

⁤Stay tuned for⁢ more ⁣updates‌ on the groundbreaking developments that will emerge ‌from this‍ partnership, as Fidesmo, Mastercard, and VIMpay work together to
​ ⁣shape the future⁤ of financial technology.