Obligo partners with BNY Mellon

Obligo partners with BNY Mellon

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​ ⁤Obligo, a leading financial technology⁤ platform, announced its⁣ partnership with BNY Mellon,
⁣ a global investments company, ‍to enhance their respective capabilities⁤ and offer innovative solutions⁣ to their
⁤ customers.

⁢ This strategic partnership aims to leverage Obligo’s cutting-edge technology‌ in‍ simplifying the rent payments
‍ process for tenants, landlords, ⁤and property managers. Obligo’s platform allows tenants to pay their rent
⁣ through a credit line, eliminating the need for security deposits. Through their partnership with BNY ​Mellon,
‍ Obligo will ‌benefit from ​BNY Mellon’s financial ‍expertise, reputation, and vast network to ⁤accelerate the
⁢ adoption of their platform within the real⁣ estate market.

​ ‌ ‌ “We are thrilled to partner ‍with BNY Mellon. This collaboration will enable us to further ​revolutionize
⁤ how tenants ‍and⁤ landlords interact⁤ while streamlining the financial processes involved in ⁣the rental
​ ⁢ industry,” ‌said Ronny Chokron, CEO of Obligo.

– Ronny ‍Chokron, Obligo CEO

‌ BNY Mellon, with over 230 years of experience in the financial industry, brings a wealth​ of resources⁤ and
⁢ expertise ‍to the partnership. They will support Obligo’s initiatives with their deep knowledge of global
⁤ capital markets, facilitating​ Obligo’s growth and​ expansion ⁤in the real estate sector.

‍ The ⁢collaboration between Obligo and BNY Mellon is expected ​to drive innovation⁤ in the rental industry,
‍ ⁤ offering a more convenient and secure alternative to traditional security deposits. This partnership will
⁤ ⁢ benefit tenants by freeing up ‌their cash flow, landlords⁢ by reducing administrative tasks, and property
​ managers through simplified financial operations.

⁣⁤ To learn ‍more about Obligo’s rent ⁣payment solutions,‌ visit their official website.

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